M.A. Katarína Szabados (Filasová)

Principy života®  workshops

Do you know such moments, when you are sure you should do something, for example:

I should go to sleep early
I shouldn‘t take another piece of cake
I should be more patient with my child
I should start working on a project which is due next week
I should choose different kind of partner
I shouldn‘t be nervous
I shouldn‘t think too much
I should keep my stability and no to blow up/ / I should stay in balance and not explode
I should go to gym

….but you end up doing something else?

Are you mad at yourself, how is this possible?
Have you told yourself so many times, and yet AGAIN you do the same unfunctional thing as before?

No, you are not stupid, ignorant or useless, as you may be thinking.
The only problem you have is, that your life philosofy is not functional.

What does it mean?

Most likely you think, that philosofy is something totally abstract, which has nothing to do with your everyday life. But that is a HUGE MISTAKE. Every one of us has his or her life philosofy. Our life filosophy governs all our steps and all our decisions. Think about it:

Myabe you are thinking, why I ask such stupid questions. Well, the truth is, that each of us percieves and evaluates such situations differently. And the way we evaluate everything around us is based on - our life philosofy.
It means our – many times SUBCONSCIOUS! - ideas about how the world functions, our opinions about what is correct, moral, healthy and what is not. It is our basic frame through which we percieve the world, it is that, what stands behind all our conscious and subconscious decisions.

We choose based on this frame / philosofy our:

Sentences in the brackets are just an example of our inner talk, which takes place inside us in the moment, we are making a decision. Sometimes it happens so fast, that we are not even able to notice these thoughts, but they are still governing our behaviour. Unfortunately, this process causes that we can miss opportunities that could be interesting and useful for us, or we end up doing things, which are unpleasant or even painful for us. And it has just one and only reason – our life philosofy does not correspond neither with our inner set up, with our real wishes, longings and needs, nor with how the world around us really functions.

How is that possible???

We have been creating our philosofy, or in other words a picture we have about ourselves, about relationships, about the world around us, since we were born. At that time we have not yet developer any critical thinking. We ourselves were creating ideas about how things function, what we are supposed to do and what not, what we need to do in order to be happy, to have relationships, to be healthy…

Some of these ideas are based on our experience, some are building on what the others told us about the world and its functioning – our parents, granparents, friends, teachers, but also what we found and saw in magazines, series, billboards etc. Therefore our picture about how the world functions is often a pretty big mixture and some parts of this picture can even go against each other. Just like the examples at the very beginning of this page.


How are the workshops run

One part of the workshop are lectures, that talk about some general principle of human functioning. For example communication. If we want our communication to function well, we need to use several basic principles, e.i. respect to ourselves and to the others, ability to clearly express our opinion, open a conflict when needed, set appropriate boundaries, not fight for who is right but listen to the others, cooperate with the others etc. At the first sight, these principles seem clear and evident. But not everyonebody uses them in their life in a way that is functional.

After each lecture, in which we  talk about such principles, the students analyze in couples, whether they use the principles to their own satisfaction. They will learn the basics of coaching. Nobody will tell you how it should be, what is the „correct“ way, how things should be done, because in the majority of situations there does not exist any „correct“ solution. We always need to decide in a way, that it is „correct“ for us, according to how we see the world, what we believe in, what values we have.

In order to do so, we need to know what is important for us, what are our goals, what has the biggest value for us. We need to orientate in ourselves, and then we are able to make good decisions. And this is what the workshops are about. To understand ourselves, all our motivations (why we do things that in fact we do not want to do). To look into our doubts, uncertainties, fears and become a person with a balanced life philosofy, which will lead us towards successful and satisfactory life.

It is a 3 day workshop. We start each day at 9 am. The first day finishes around 6 pm and the other days around 5 pm. Altogether, there are 14 workshops, but it is not neccessary to take all of them. It is possible to come for just one workshop. The only thing is that they have a sequence, and the contens of the workshop is build on the previous one, so you have to take them in order.

Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) is an educational system and it is also an original philosophy created in the Czech Republic.