M.A. Katarína Szabados (Filasová)

Price list of consultations in English

Individual consultation: 1100,- CZK per 80 min. 
Consultation for a couple: 1900,- CZK per 110 min 
Consultation via internet/ online (Skypu, Facebook Messengeru etc.): 1100,- CZK per 80 min.
Consultation via phone - the price is the same as the price of the individual consultation, we can agree on a different length when agreeing the date. 

Storno fee

In case you cancel the consultation within 2 working days before the consultation, there is a storno fee of 70% of the price of the consultation. In case you cancel it on the very day, the storno fee is 100% of the consultation price.

How to pay

Before the first consultation in person I require at least 2 days in advance 50% of the whole consultation price on my bank account: 1016464015/6100. The rest of the money you can either transfer together with the first half or you can pay it cash on the spot.

Consultations online or via the phone you need to pay the whole amount minimum 2 days in advance. The number of the bank account is: 1016464015/6100.

The prices are valid since 1st March 2017.