M.A. Katarína Szabados (Filasová)

 About me

celloI started to be actively interested in human psyche during my high school studies in the United States, Vermont, where I was for one year on a scholarship. I could not get along with the fact that there are certain things I do not have under my control. My life was going in a direction I didnt want it to go, and it made me look at some of the happenings in a different way. I slowly started to realize, that many things in life are not taken for granted. I started to see, that there are more connections between how we act and what we get in our lives than it seemed at first sight.

I graduated from psychology at the Charles University of Prague, with a specialization in clinical psychology. I was hoping that during these five years of study, including one year in Spain at the University of Santiago de Compostela, I will find some answers to my questions. I wanted to know why people do not manage to have in their lives what they need, why they are not really satisfied, why they have problems. I was expecting, that during those years, I would recieve tools how to disclose all the misty corners of the human soul. But my expectations were not fulfilled.

During the school and after I was also trying to search in other fields. I tried out a few psychotherpeutical trainings, but I always hit something which for me was too extreme. Some were saying the cause of the problems lays in the childhood. Some were saying not to by busy with the childhood at all. Some were saying, focus on your emotions, thats what you need to deal with. Others were stressing the racionality of the thinking, that the thinking must be corrected. Some tried to be so scientificly objective, that the uniquness of each human being has disappeared. They all had their point, it made sense, but I was always missing something from some of the other schools.


I was lucky, that within this searching I found Principy života®, a practical philosophy with a focus on self-experience.  Within this approach, each person is considered a unique inidividual, who has a genetic code, a point of view, talents, skills and longings like no one else. The sense of life of each individual is to develop his/her unique potential and use it in a way to feel satisfied and at the same time useful.

In this training I have discovered, how much our satisfaction is influenced by our subconscious ideas, regarding how the world and relationships work. At the same time I learned to use life coaching as a tool, which enables me and the client to discover all the limiting subconscious patterns and ideas. Once they are disclosed, changes can be made.

I have started this training in 2004 and I finished in 2009. Nevertheless I keep going to other levels of this training and workshops, because the philosophy of this system is based on the idea that development is one of the basic parameters of life. No one is ever finished, because there is always more to be discovered, learned, improved. That life can always be better than it is now. So in a similar way as I work with my clinets I also keep working on myself.

I also learn a lot from my clients. I appreciate very much that they are willing to show me their stories, disclose the parts of themselves, that they many times had not shown to anyone else. I am very thankful for their trust. Some of them gave me feedback.


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I am a mother of three boys, Simon (2010), Tobias (2012) and Patrik (2016). I am married to a Hungarian man, Tamas, who has two daughters from his first marriage (Romi 2003 and Natali 2005). When we all meet we are rather a big family and we speak in a mixture of Czech, English and Hungarian.


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