M.A. Katarína Szabados (Filasová)

Individual psychological consultations

I have been providing inidividual consultations since 2002. I especially focus on problems such as

Personal issues

 Issues in partner life

Difficulties in worklife

Many people ask themselves a question, wether their problem is serious enough to be solved with a professional. „There are so many people who have much more and much bigger problems than I have!“ „Psychologists are only for those who are insane or crazy!!!“ Unfortunately,  people still have these and other prejudices and based on them they tend to hesitate with the visit for too long. I think it is a shame, because many problems would often have quite a simple solution, only if they would have been delt with in time. Especially the problems regarding relationships. It is similar to postponing a visit to a dentist for too long. What might have been just a starting cavity you could have solved with a toothpaste high in fluoride, turns into a tooth needing repaired and may lead to the tooth even dying.

It is the same with psychical problems. The longer you hesitate, the more serious the situation gets and the more effort and time it takes to solve it.

On the other hand, it is still much better to come late than not at all, because as long as we are alive, we can still do things to feel better, to make our life better.

Consultations for couples/ partners

Most common issues the couples come with

I consider work with couples very useful. Thanks to the fact, that both points of views are available, we can much faster discover, what the real cause of the problem is. Also, when both partners invest into improving the relationship, it goes twice as fast.


Shall we stay together?

Couples also come, when they are not sure if it makes sence for them to stay together or not. This I also find very useful, because we either find the way how to make it function and then it goes well for them, or it turns out that the discrepancy in their values is too big for them to put it together, and they start to understand why it is not working. Then they can decide if they still want to continue or they will be better off separately. I say „they“, because I never reccomend the partners to separate. My role is to help them find the nonfunctional patterns, analyse what is not working, enable them to orientate in their feelings, but in the end all decisions are fully up to the clients to make.


Its over, but lets do it without fight

Some people also come at the point, when they aready know they want to seperate. For example, they have children and want to go through the divorce in the most constructive way possible. They want to cause the least harm possible to the kids and to themselves as well. Many destructive fights can be prevented when the two let themselves be couched by a third person who has an independent point of view.

Online consultations – via Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp et.

Lately, I have been more and more using the internet for consultations. It turns out that online consultations are fully adequate. A big advantage is saving time as you spend no extra time above the time of the consultation. Many people who have difficulties to leave their work place use this form of consultations and talk with me during their lunch break from a free office.

Some of my clients also live abroad and for them it is completly  impossible to come in person. When using this form of meeting it does not matter where one of us lives. We can cooperate just as easy, as if we lived in the same neighbourhood.

Still, there are people who would say that they want to come in person. I used to have this opinion too, in the beginnig I was afraid how it would be. Can there be any  therapeutic process via the computer? But I have been positively surprised, many of my clients who, at one moment, from whatever reason had to use this form, have not come back again personally and only wanted to continue online. On the other hand, if you have a chance and want to come personally, I am fully happy to meat you this way. I will make a cup of tea or coffee for you and hand you a box of handkerchiefs when needed.

Psychological Consultations via the phone

Even a phone can be a tool which can serve for an analysis of the problem. Phone consultations can stand alone, or can be used as a supplement to personal or online consultations. These ones provide the biggest flexibility, you dont need to search for any free office with wifi connection. Not talking about the amount of time you save on your travel.