M.A. Katarína Szabados (Filasová)

Feedback of my clients 


ING Bank Czech republic was cooperating with Katarína Szabados on a Management Trainee Programme, which was aimed for talented absolvents of the Universities. Katarina was working as an external consultant and coach not only for Trainees, but also for two new HR colleagues. The goal of the coaching was self discovery, movement in the area of interpersonal skills and setting further development goals.
Most of all I appreciate the professionality of Katarina, her ability to offer an individual approach to the individual participants, and her concrete recommendations. I would like to continue the cooperation with her in the future and I can recommend her as a coach for employees and management.
Eva Koubíková, talent Manager CR/SR, ING bank Czech republic


Originally, I was looking for a specialist who will help me lose weight. But after my first visit with Katarina something surprising happened. I thought that my main problem is that I do not have enough discipline to keep certain rules and limitation, which are of course part of the life. But I discovered, that the reason why I am so dissatisfied is not my being overweight. It was actually a result. I had an unbelievable chaos in my personal life and in my feelings. I was solving each feeling of injustice or uncertainty with food.
I would describe the result of our meetings in this way. During the almost one year I have been visiting Katarína, I have lost almost 10kg without any bigger difficulties. There was simply no reason to overeat myself anymore. I put together my work relationships including financial appreciation, but in spite of it I found out, that I do not enjoy my work in this form. It was surprising to see that I can be succesful in my job, make a lot of money and still not be satisfied. In fact, this I also take as a bonus, because now I have a chance to search for something better in the future. I also put together my personal life, I got married and got pregnant. And the most important thing is, that the majority of the time I feel satisfied and happy.
Eliška Dvořáková, Mistr of Czech republic in nail-design


I met Katarina based on the recommendation of my close friend. I have always been impatient, I wanted “a miracle to happen immediatelly“, which obviously wasn‘t happening. After several months of meeting I want to thank Katarina, because she was listening, analyzing and helping me in various moments and states  which I was in, that sometimes seemed to me, that they are on the edge. If someone wants to do something with him/herself, to admit him/herself things which you dont tell anyone, if you want to deeply trust your guide, I can recomend Katarina for you. Thanks to her, I can focus on my life and my presence without the heaviness of the past. Thank you!
Daniela G., Manager of artists, Aura- Pont


Decision for a change ment for me to enter the inside world. The outside world I had known before, I was watching it carefully, from many angels, I was comparing and searching how things can change. But I had no clue, how blind I was towards what I was feeling. At the moment I gathered the strenght to openly talk to Katarina, I realized I am walking through my world with bigger courage. Katarina was a great guide with a light there, where I myself had switched the light off. 
Lumír Kajnar, graphic designer


Thanks to the cooperation with Katarina I have realized things I would have been discovering myself for a long time, or I would not find them at all. With every next session I get to know myself better, and that makes me be more the person I want to be.
Nikola L., PR Consultant

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