M.A. Katarína Szabados (Filasová)

Within my private practice I provide individual and partner consultations.

With my clients I focus on solving the problems they meet in everyday life.

PhDr. Katarína Szabados (Filasová)

M.A. Katarína Szabados (Filasová)

I provide

Individual consultations

With individuals I mostly focus on

Individual issues: stress, problems with self-acceptance, low self-esteem, dissatisfaction with ones appearance/body, problems with responsibility, indecisiveness, comparison anxiety, reproaches/remorse and feelings of guilt, nervousness, eating disorders, feeling of loss of sence, study problems, troubles with raising children, etc.

Work issues: fluctuation, problems with teamwork, colleagues, how to solve conflicts, indecisivness, lack of motivation,  lack of self-assurance

Consultations for couples/ partners

Many problems are closely related to our relationships. These problems can be solved individually, but it is much more effective, when both partners are involved. I first meet each from the couple separately and afterwards we all start meeting together.  

With couples and also with individuals I focus on:  difficulties of getting along with the partner, lack of communication, misunderstandings, partner disagreements and conflicts, dissatisfaction in ones sexual life, infidelity (cheating), fear of leaving a disfunctional relationship, issues connected with divorce, etc.,

Consultations online /via the phone

Consultations via the computer screen start to be more and more popular. The quality is comparable with a face to face meeting. Many people are hesitant in the beginning but usually it is only a matter of getting used to this form of contact. You can save your time and money for travel.

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Comparison, the killer of your self esteem


Many people have no idea, how deeply their life is influenced by comparisons. They compare themselves with other people, idols, with an image of themselves, with an idea how some things should be, how things should be done. And they arrive to a conclusion, that they are worse than those, who they compare to, that they are not as good as they „should be“.


I have written a book about how this comparing works, how it is an automatical part of our thinking, that we are most of the time not even aware of it. What kind of a trap are all the social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The book is in Czech language and it has been published in Grada Publishing a.s., 2017.  

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ING Bank Czech republic was cooperating with Katarína Szabados on a Management Trainee Programme, which was aimed for talented absolvents of the Universities. Katarina was working as an external consultant and coach not only for Trainees, but also for two new HR colleagues. The goal of the coaching was self discovery, movement in the area of interpersonal skills and setting further development goals.


Most of all I appreciate the professionality of Katarina, her ability to offer an individual approach to the individual participants, and her concrete recommendations. I would like to continue the cooperation with her in the future and I can recommend her as a coach for employees and management.


Eva Koubíková, talent Manager CR/SR, ING bank Czech republic

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